Quick Walkthrough

1. Upgrade Transmission traits
2. Upgrade Ability traits
3. Devolve any Symptom mutations
3. Infect all humans
4. Upgrade Symptoms
5. Kill all humans

Detailed Walkthrough

General Tips

  • Devolve any Symptoms that may spontaneously mutate. This will ensure that your disease is not noticed until you want it to be. The additional 2 DNA Points you recieve from devolving Symptoms will also be beneficial.


1. Start your disease in a poor country with at least either an airport or a shipping port, but preferably both. Recommended starting countries include (but are not limited to) South Africa, West Africa, and Brazil.

2. Before upgrading, wait until you have about 15 DNA Points accumulated.

3. Upgrade the following transmission traits:
  • Water 1
  • Air 1
  • Bird 1
  • Insect 1
Note: If the news says anything that will decrease the rate of transmission related to any of the above, it is recommended that you upgrade to level 2 of that Transmission trait.

4. Upgrade the following Ability traits:
  • Bacterial Resilience
  • Heat Resistance 1
  • Cold Resistance 1 and 2 (This is especially important for infecting those hard to reach places like Greenland)
  • Drug Resistance 1


1. Once everything above has been upgraded, the next step is to sit back and wait for your disease to infect everyone on the planet. It's important that everyone is infected before you move on to the final step.

Note: Remember to devolve any symptoms that spontaneously mutate. You don't want scientists to start working on a cure just yet.


1. It's now time to upgrade your Symptoms to become lethal. It is best to upgrade to the most lethal symptom as quickly and cheaply as you can. Upgrade the following Symptoms in order:
  • Coughing
  • Pneumonia
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Total Organ Failure
2. If the cure is rapidly approaching, it may be necessary to upgrade Genetic Hardening 1 and 2, and/or Genetic ReShuffle 1 and 2. Paralysis and Coma are also useful at slowing down the cure.

Note: If you are low on DNA points, you can devolve unnecessary Symptoms and Traits. Any symptom that does not cause death or decrease cure production speed (such as Coughing) can be devolved for 2 DNA points. All Transmission traits can also be devolved, as we are not trying to spread the disease at this point in the game.

If everything went according to plan, you should now have wiped out all of humanity! Congratulations!


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